Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Most memorable experiences

One of the two most memorable experiences I have learned during this class was doing the visual story cornerstone. I had never heard of this before and was eager to try it. We learned the right way to use a film camera, and figuring out what to change to get our perfect shot. Even though I had used a film camera for photo 2, I still needed a refresher on how to change the rolls and were the buttons were for changing ISO, Aperture, and shutter speed. After I got those down there was no stopping me! After we took our pictures we developed them in the dark room. The dark room taught me a lot about the different effects the chemicals had on the photo and how to change the enlarger to make my photograph have the right contrast. Being in the dark room showed me how difficult it was back then to even see a photograph. It was a good experience and I hope everyone gets to enjoy it as much as I did.

My second most memorable experience I had during this class was going to New York. I have been to New York several times, but going with a class was a totally different experience. I had never been on a coach bus before in my life, especially going to New York, so I got to experience that. It was really fun walking around the big city and just taking photos of what you thought was cool or interesting. And it was nice to photograph with a group so you could get ideas from them as well. Going here as a group also helped me figure out different ways to look at the city. For example, the people and food were more interesting when you had a camera in your hand. We got to go into different museums that I had never been to. My favorite museum was the MoMA. This museum was packed and had tons of floors, which made it harder to see everything that it had to offer. I am really happy that I had the opportunity to go on this trip.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Visual Story

My story is about a typical Sunday breakfast in the Sanderson household. My story is about girl who has Sunday breakfast with her father each Sunday and each photograph shows the process of cooking the food. This is supposed to show how cooking the food connects the girl to her father. The first and second photograph is the ingredients that we use. The last two shows the outcome of the breakfast.

The images that I chose did a good job communicating my story. I could have done a better job showing more connection between me and my father, instead of just food. I also would have wanted a sunnier day. Another thing that I think I could have done better is focusing my camera on the subjects. I could have also had more variety in the food. Overall, I think my photos turned out great, especially since my lighting wasn't that great. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bi-Weekly 4 Utensil

After the aimless chatter of plates and cups,
the chuckle of the water pipes,
and the sudden exchanges of the knives, forks, and spoons,
comes the quiet,
when the sink swallows its last drop of water,
and you hear the occasional stir of the freezer,
as it digest the cold.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Bi-Weekly #3

As I walked past the rows of beautiful flowers, I caught a whiff of the white lilies that were hidden behind some pansies. I love the smell of freshly watered plants. I couldn't help but walk back and take another sniff. The smell reminded me of summer. I contemplated on buying this plant but knew that by the time it got to my house and put somewhere nice, my dogs would go crazy and bark non-stop until they either knocked it over or annoyed me to the point to leave it outside. But, I will be able to look at it when I go to work, at least until summer. By that time the lily is replaced with primrose and cape mallow.

Cornerstone Brainstorm

For my Cornerstone I would like to try and photograph the riders perspective of a trip with friends. I want to capture what the rider sees and feels while they are riding. To do this I am going to photograph the different stages of our trip. One would be getting ready to get on our motor scooters, the second might be my two friends ahead of me, third would be us getting to our location, and lastly would be the landscape of the location. 

To do this I am going to bring my film camera with me while we ride and we will stop once in a while so I can take 18 photos for each scene. I want to capture the different moods of the riders ahead of me, and try and capture emotions. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cubism/Man and Nature

While working on my last two assignments in photoshop I learned how to use the create two pictures, one of nature and one of a portrait that I took. I found it hard to find pictures that would go well together.  Also I learned how to change the opacity and using the eraser to erase all the parts that did not look good in the photo. Cubism was hard as well. It took a while before I found an efficient way to copy and paste onto a new layer. It took quite some time, but it looks very cool. 
          I am very happy with my two assignments that I did. My favorite assignment was  cubism. I liked this one the most because I got to take my favorite photos and make a cool image out of it. Overall, I think that both the cubism and man/nature turned out really cool. I think that if I had to change anything it would be different types of nature. I think that I could have found something more interesting or colorful. I wouldn't really change anything else to my work.

New York City Trip

One highlight of the New York trip was going into time square. I found this as a highlight because there were so much activities going around me as I was photographing. There were people dressed up as disney characters going around and trying to get money from people who decided to have their kids picture taken with a superhero. The second highlight of this trip was going to central park. I had a blast watching these guys performer stunts in the middle of central park. It was also nice to relax in the sun with friends. The last highlight of this trip was going onto the high line. I have never been up on the high line before, and I have been to New York a couple times. I learned that central park was actually really big.








The most exciting theme that I chose was portraits. I found this exciting because there are so many interesting people in New York. I loved taking pictures of the people in their costumes. Although it was sort of hard to capture portraits of some people. I also really liked capturing the cityscape, especially in times square. I chose cityscape because I thought it was very beautiful. Something that I found hard to photograph was shapes. Although I got a couple photos of shapes it was mostly of the physical graffiti that I saw on the high line. Other than that it was hard for me to find shapes to photograph. Overall, I thought that this trip was a great way to see New York in a different perspective.